The Seeberger punch or wine-bowl

Last year I saw a wonderful punch or wine bowl with the engraved name Seeberg in the pension Seeberg. A wonderful decorative piece. And so I looked around where we could get our own family-bowl
After some months of searching I found in Novy Bor, one of the traditional centres of Bohemian glassart, a company which offers a wonderful design and is willing to produce this handmade bowl especially for us. We thougt about a limited edition. All names (e.g. Seeberger, Seberger e.t.c.) are possible.

First they had some problems to get the right glass but now we could deliver the first sets and they look really very beautyful as you can see by clicking on the pictures:

The name is hard to see, so I made an enlargement:


The punch-bowl will be delivered with lid. The ladle is optional, as well as the number of glasses (6 or 12, more of course too). Here in Germany tand in Bohemia theay are traditionally used as wine-bowl. If you are interested in the recipe feel free to ask me!
The name will be imprinted and burned in the glass in 24 carat gold letters as typical to the Bohemian glass art.

The price seems to be very fair in comparison to other offers!


Please contact me if you are interested. As soon as we have the necessary number the production will continue!


My son was so surprised about the capabilities of this company that he made the glass as part of his profession. If you are interested in general in Bohemian glass, have a look at