Seeberger in Pscheheischen

Pscheheischen is a small village about 15 Miles west of Plzen. The actual spelling can be read on the village sign.

Pscheheischen today. In the backgrund is Unter-Sekersan.





Today`s Czech name is obvious. Because of the different Czech letters I will refrain from writing it out.






The beautifully restored village church. And now to the Seeberger! After intensive research, I found 93 Seeberger in 7 generations. It begins with Johann Seeberger, who came sometime before 1685 (the beginning of the church recors) to Pscheheischen. Where he came from can only be assumed, where as Eger is the most likely, as a Johannes was born there, during the provable year of birth of 1620 - considering the date of death. But as the name Johannes occured very frequently, I can only leave this assumption open. From about 1730 even the number of the house is known, where one of these families lived, No. 14.
From this family a Maria originated, born May 22, 1780, as the 7th of 8 children, who married Simon Wenzlick in 1799. Her son Andreas emmigrated to the USA.
The last Seeberger are registered are registered up to 1880. These families died out, as only daughters reached an age where they could marry. Unfortunately it was not possible for me to get further informations in Pscheheischen, partly due to language barriers - nobody could remember the name Seeberger.
House No.14 is a large comfortable farmhouse, but almost totally fallen apart. But one can imagine even today how important this family once was, as Bartholomaeus (1762-1838) was the first judge of the district. Unfortunately I was not able to find any more residents of this house.