Seeburger families

During the last time I was contacted from many Seeburger. Partly, I received a lot of dates and informations. In Germany alone there are more than 280 families in the telephone-book, as well as many in Austria, Switzerland and the USA. It will be a great job to investigate all these families. I have already started and am able to make public the first results. These are, naturally, not nearly complete. .

The Seeberger Clans: 

Up to now there are two clans which are clearly different:

- the protestant Seeburger from Michelfeld

- the catholic Seeburger from Goesslingen (Gößlingen)

I am almost sure that there is no connection between these families! Some Seeburger vary from the name Seeberger, these are naturally not considered here.

1. The Seeburger from Michelfeld:

Michelfeld is a small town north of the socalled Kraichgau area about 50km (30 miles) south of Heidelberg. Today it belongs to the town of Angelbach. The oldest Seeburger is a Jonas, who could have been born about 1610 and was married to an Anna. From him I have in the meantime investigated 540 descendants with the name Seeburger. About 1680 one of them moved to Sulzfeld and was the founder of another strong clan. Sulzfeld lies another 15 km to the south.
Where do the Seeburger come from? It is difficult to say. The most probable indication is a village with the name Seeburg. There are not many possibilities. The Seeburg near Bad Urach is reasonable nearby, but is not very probable for the Michelfeld clan, because of the religion. I myself tend to believe, that these Seeburger originate from Switzerland. The upper Rhinevalley is known as an immigration area for protestant Swiss, the Kraichgau was literally swamped after 1700 ( half of Heidelberg was populated by Swiss ), and when I look at the names which existed in Michelfeld, the Swiss origin cannot be ignored ( e.g. Ruedisuehl ). But we will not be able to clear this completely, as Michelfeld is a place where church records only go back as far as the middle of the 18th century. The old books probably got lost, but there are fragments of a family book, which started 1656. On this I spent endless hours in order to decipher the documents and combine the separate inputs. The following is an example (this is not the worst page and exactly how the original looks like, but the oldest, and in the upper part you can read that Hanß Seeburger, son of Jonas, married Sophia Schleier on February 21, 1678. The dates of the birth of his 6 children follow. We can be grateful that we have at least something about these times.  

2. The Seeburger froem Goesslingen:

Goesslingen lies about 14 km south-west of Balingen in Wuerttemberg. The origin of these Seeburger is more possible from the village Seeburg. Todoay it is called
Bad Urach-Seeburg, about 18 km east of Reutlingen and about 5o km from Goesslingen. This cannot be proved either, as the church records from before 1798 were burned, but a family book exists which could quite quickly be sorted out. As the oldest Seeburger a Josef is mentioned, born about 1695, and married to a Katharina Linck. From him I have investigated 394 descendants up to 1900. The great amount of emigrants from this village is surprising. Up to now I know 14 to the USA and 2 to Hungary! They are registered Here . If anyone knows of one of them, please contact me!