Sieberger families

Who has everer heard about the name Sieberger? Probably not very many, alone in the German phonebook there are 42 numbers and even in the USA this name occurs now and then. Up to now this name occured to me as a temporary formof spelling of families in the area of the Lake Constance. But now Ralf Sieberger from Sinzheim (near Baden-Baden) showed me that also a seperate branch exists, which was situated in the former Rheinland, near Bitburg around 1720.
Now it became exciting,as the three brothers Friedrich, Balthasar and Barthel were bricklayers and they came from Unterleinbach, near Wurzburg/Bavaria. (Today I got a message from Harald Seeberger from Wuerzburg who researched the church records of Unterleinach and he really found Christian and the birth of several children! But here we will continue the investigations.) But then there was the hint that their father Christian came from Tyrol. There in fact is a Christian who was born 1664 in St. Jacob, but as Seeberger and not Sieberger. In Tyrol I never found any Siebergers. But the documents of the Sieberger family show the name as Syberger and Siberger as well, so that I am convinced that there was a name change over the years.
This family owns a very nice coat of arms, from which the origin and the date should be verified. But the similarity of the eagle with the Tyrolian hunger-eagle is remarkable.
Today it is too early to publish any names but there is something else to report:

Ralf Sieberger found a very old document (1536). I was able to get a little booklet, in which the wellknown Martin Luther wrote a 
Statement of claim of the birds to Luther about his servant Wolfgang Sieberger.

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Last but not least the name Sieberger was written about 1250 as the owner of the castle Syburg (near Cologne) as the Sieberger. But I can not see any connection to the family mentioned above.


After checking all my papers I will divide the Siebergers into three groups:

1. The Sieberger, who originated from the Tyrolean Seeberger.

Even if there are still three minor gaps I think it´s time to present the results. There are 134 Sieberger known as descendants of Christian Seeberger who was born in St. Jacob/Tyrol in 1664. The following bearers of the name are still living in Germany:

- Sieberger, Alfred in 54636 Idesheim
- Sieberger, Anna in 54570 Deudesfeld
- Sieberger, Arno in 81541 Munich
- Sieberger, Axel in 97295 Waldbrunn
- Sieberger, Bernd in 76547 Sinzheim
- Sieberger, Bernd-Ulrich in 53343 Wachtberg
- Sieberger, Bernhard in 56075 Koblenz
- Sieberger, Dorle in 66132 Saarbruecken
- Sieberger, Frank in 53... Bonn
- Sieberger, Gero in 52070 Aachen
- Sieberger, Hans in 54570 Deudesfeld
- Sieberger, Hans in 66129 Saarbruecken
- Sieberger, Hans-Jürgen in 54668 Kaschenbach
- Sieberger, Harald in 29345 Unterluess
- Sieberger, Jens in 66113 Saarbruecken
- Sieberger, Johann in 54298 Welschbillig
- Sieberger, Klaus in 66129 Saarbruecken
- Sieberger, Klaus in 54293 Trier
- Sieberger-Knobloch, Griseldis in 85354 Freising
- Sieberger, Leo in 65626 Birlenbach
- Sieberger, Gertrud in 54636 Idesheim
- Sieberger, Margot in 54292 Trier
- Sieberger, Martha in 66129 Saarbruecken
- Sieberger, Matthias in 54570 Deudesfeld
- Sieberger, Marie und Stefan in 53225 Bonn
- Sieberger, Peter in 54290 Trier
- Sieberger, Ralph in 76547 Sinzheim
- Sieberger, Werner in 54570 Deudesfeld
- Sieberger, Willi in 76547 Sinzheim
- Sieberger, Wolfgang in 66129 Saarbruecken
- Sieberger, Lothar und Elvira in 54310 Ralingen

2. The Sieberger, who got this name in 1922.

1922 requested a F,riedrich S. for a new name. He chose the name Sieberger. Condition was that the new name had to start with the same letter. The following of his descendents still live:

- Sieberger, Friedhelm Dr. in 40724 Hilden
- Sieberger, Hans-Jürgen in 41470 Neuss
- Sieberger, Marie in 44801 Bochum
- Sieberger, Sascha in 41470 Neuss

3. Variations of the name Seeberger /Seeburger, especially at immigration in USA/Canada.

At the immigration in the USA/Canada especially in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia we find the name Sieberger or Seaboyer as variations of Seeberger or Seeburger. As soon as I get things sorted out for myself I will present the results on this page.