Seeberger in Birr/Lupfig

Birr is named for the first time in 1270. From this time on the dominion changed several times from the house of Habsburg to the cloister Koenigsfelden till 1803 when the canton Argovie was founded as a result of the French Revolution. Till 1950 Birr has always had about 500 inhabitants. From this date the industrialisation was so big, that the number of people almoust exploded up to 3400. Birr is often named in context with Pestalozzi, who tought here for a long time.
Lupfig is also named in 1270 and its development was about the same. In 1529 20 fireplaces were counted. From 1950 (638 inhabitants) the number has been doubled till today.
If one drives through both towns you can only see by a sign that you are in the other town. Both towns are almost completely integrated with each other. Therefore it is not possible to devide the Seeberger families between both towns. First they settled in Birr, nowadays they are only living in Lupfig.
The following picture shows Lupfig and (on the right side) the first houses of Birr.

1998 LUPFIG  Luftgesamt 

1900Dorfstraße LupfigFrom the townarchive of Lupfig I got some pictures. I guess, you have seen the picture of the cooper Heusel already. The picture of the mainstreet in Lupfig is typical for the time of 1900.




1880 Adolf geb 18431998 ErnstThere are 120 years or 4 generations between these two pictures. And everyone can see the similarity not only because of the beard! The Seebergers always played an outstanding role in the social life of this town. Adolf Seeberger was born 1843. The picture was taken about 1880 when he was Gemeindeammann (Mayor) of Lupfig. His grandson Ernst was managing director and his g-grandson Ernst has been Mayor of Lupfig for the last 18 years. This picture is brandnew!