Seeberger in Malters

Malters Garage Beat SeebIf one drives from Lucerne westwards along the small river Emme, he reaches Malters after a few miles. Malters is one place where the Seebergers have lived since some hundreds of years. This name is very common in this area, for example the firm of Beat Seeberger. These families live in Malters, Hochwald and Schwarzenberg, where the old church of this area is situated. There I could check out all the Seeberger from 4 microfilms. From Mrs. Doris Huser-Seeberger I got an old family tree with a lot of background information about her ancestors. Many thanks!
When in May 1988 I drove to the Canton Argovie I made a two hours stopover in this area. It was a pity that the weather was not so fine as expected, as one can see on the pictures.

Malters-Schwarzenberg Gegend
                             View from Schwarzenberg

Malters Kirche außen 3





  Church of Malters




Very impressive are always the cemeteries, all of which I normally visit. On this one there are the graves of some families like the one I would like to show you here. 


Malters Grab Fam Seeb-Stofer