Seeberger in Switzerland

In Switzerland there are three large families and one family from Tyrol to mention:

1. Origin of the name:

On the map you can easily see the place Seeberg with the castle of the same name. One has to consider, that the families who left this place between 1000-1400 were called the Seebergers. Especially in the time, where people didnt have any first names this is obvious. On the overlook-page I already mentioned the priest Jacob von Seberch 1250 in Zofingen and the
Vogt (Bailiff) Hug von Seberg 1340 in Wangen.


2. Seeberger in Wangen a.d. Aare:

The first church records of the protestant reformed church started 1626. There are the first Seeberger mentioned as Anton, Heinrich, Eva (the first marriage after the big pestilence 1628) and a Susanne. From their age they probably were brothers and sisters. In the record about Heinrich I read the note the younger, so I guess that their father should be a Heinrich, born about 1565. Sometimes one can see the hint to Seeberg in some records about godparents or spouses. Till 1850 I have researched 69 Seeberger as descendants, than the family probably died out. Not clear is one record about a probable emigration of a Friedrich who went to the USA with his wife Maria and daughter Maria. It could also be, that his father Johannes emigrated too.
Sorry that I dont have any pictures or details about Wangen, which I could place on this site.

3. Seeberger in Malters:

The Seeberger families in Malters and Schwarzenberg in the Canton Lucerne are catholic. The first names in the church records – beginning in 1610 – are:
    - Johann Seeberger
    - Eva Seeberger
    - Anna Seeberger
    - Barbara Seeberger

all of them were born about 1550-1560. About the possible father of them there is a hint. On November 8th 1610 an Ursus Seebeck died. I havent found the name Seebeck in this place again, so that it is quite possible that this is only of a variation of the priests handwriting. But I am not able to prove this. Because of the early start of the death records it is quite likely, that if this isnt true, that there must be some other record there.
I researched 335 Seeberger as descendants of Ursus. Two families are known as emigrants. One made a long trip over Chile, Iran to the USA, the second with members to Australia and Germany isnt fully verified. Who knows any details?
Some pictures are on the page Lucerne
From the todays living Seeberger I have the following informations:

Seeberger Eric                       in Montpellier /RF
Seeberger Georges                in Hinterkappelen (BE)
Seeberger Bruno                    in Pieterlen (BE)
Seeberger Walter                   in Emmen (LU)
Seeberger Seppi und Erna      in Flühli (LU)
Seeberger Beat                      in Malters (LU)
Seeberger Mathilde                in Malters (LU)
Seeberger Paul                       in Malters (LU)
Seeberger Walter                   in Malters (LU)
Seeberger Armin                    in Malters (LU)
Huser-Seeberger Doris          in Malters (LU)
Seeberger Charles                  in Zug

If you know anyone else from this family, please inform me. Please visit my page Missing Links too, where I publish some Seeberger which I cant integrate to the known families.



4. Seeberger in the Canton Argovie (Birr and Lupfig):

This is one of the big families! Until now I researched 678 Seeberger and I expect that this number will increase. Obviously the first Seeberger arrived very early in this area. It is known, that a Rudi Seeberger and his wife Anne Verena Schmidli are stated on June 17th 1475 as donators to the church (Townarchive of Brugg). Then there is a gap. The common parish of the protestant reformed church of Birr/Lupfig was founded in 1526 and the first church record startet 1586. At this time at least 10 Seeberger lived here and about 1600 an additional 20! But the records till 1620 are only a few fragments, so that I cant get a complete overlook. I got the impression that some of them lived also in the whole area. In this case I have to do a lot of research in this area. I am happy that I already found two lost church records as microfilm in the States archive in Aarau.
Until now I was not able to complete all families. The reason is, that in certain times the parents were not very inventive. In the timeframe 1750-1850 I have for one open Heinrich or Jacob at least 5 candidates to be the father! The Seeberger which lived in Zofingen also came from these families. At least two families emigrated to the USA.
I would like to express my thanks for the very unconventional help from Reinhard Gloor from the town of Birr, to the mayor of Lupfig, Ernst Seeberger, and Mrs. Wild from the church.

More about these towns on the page Argovie


    From the todays living Seeberger of this family I know:

    Seeberger Donald C                 in Houston /TX USA
    Seeberger Lloyd L                    in San Antonio /TX USA
    Seeberger Rudolph Gus            in Dallas /TX USA
    Tiner Sheri G                            in Arlington /TX USA
    Seeberger Ferdinand Gus     in Tomball/TX USA
    Seeberger Jason H.          in Webster/TX USA
    Seeberger Perry C.          in Flatonia/TX USA
    Seeberger Victor B          in Medford/OR USA
    Seeberger Jobe             in New Mexiko
    Seeberger Hans Jakob              in Basel
    Seeberger Max                         in Schaffhausen (SH)
    Seeberger Walter                      in Aesch (ZH)
    Seeberger Adolf                        in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Emma                       in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Ernst                         in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Ernst                         in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Hans                         in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Hans                         in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Hansueli                    in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger André                       in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Werner           in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Jürg                          in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Karin                        in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Marlies                     in Lupfig (AG)
    Seeberger Gabriella          in Wettingen (AG)
    Seeberger Peter            in Schaffhausen? before in Burkina Faso

    If you know anyone else from this family, please inform me. Please visit my page Missing Links too, where I publish some Seeberger which I cant integrate to the known families.


5. Seeberger from the Valise:bündner-walser

As I mentioned in the overlook, a Peter Paul Seeberger (* 1782 in Fliess in Tyrol/Austria) emigrated with his wife Elisabetha Walch to the Valise. It seems that he, as a carpenter, didnt see any possibility in Tyrol to earn his living. It will stay a secret, why he went to the Valise. But it is possible that the family tradition (these people from Valise had a very strong tradition) had told him about the origin from this area. I dont see any other explanation.
49 Seeberger descendants are known. From the today living members of this family there are:

Seeberger Lionel und Manuela   in Naters (VS)
Seeberger Ignaz                           in Kippel (VS)
Seeberger Joseph                        in Kippel (VS)
Seeberger Marcel                        in Kippel (VS)
Seeberger Josef                           in Kippel (VS)
Seeberger Hans              in Kippel (VS)
Seeberger Amandus                     in Brig-Glis (VS)
Seeberger Joseph                        in Brig-Glis (VS)
Seeberger Marcus und Miranda  in Bettmeralp (VS)
Seeberger Manfred und Esther    in Basel
Seeberger Marc-René                 in Zuchwil (SO)
Lengen Cäcilia                               in Zürich

If you know anyone else from this family, please inform me. Please visit my page Missing Links too, where I publish some Seeberger which I cant integrate to the known families.


6. Emigrants into the Rhine Valley:

The movements of families from Switzerland northwards into the Rhine Valley are known before the 30 Years War (1618-1648). So, the following families are supposed to come from Switzerland:
About 1525 a Velten Seeberger was born who lived 1550 in Bessungen near Darmstadt /Hesse. Some descendents are known. In Neustadt a.d. W. a Hans Seeberger from Switzerland is mentioned who was born about 1645. He was married to Veronica Burger, born 1648 in Kuettingen / Argovie. He had several descendants. One female one emigrated to the USA.
There is no problem to find at least one possible Hans in Birr/Lupfig. There are four (* 1645, 1640 and 2x 1651) candidates, as usual.