This goblet is an extraordinary exact replica of a certain goblet which was used around 1450 at the Castle Seeberg in Bohemia. Even now these glasses are exhibited in the kitchen of this castle. The glass used is the socalled Forest-Glass, which was made in the small forest huts. Measurements: 15cm (5.9) high and 7cm (2.75) in diameter. As the higher ranked knights did not remove their heavy leather gloves even during their meals the knobs were put on the glasses to prevent slipping. The coat of arms was the first known of its kind, dated back to 1562! I will later publish the documents and copies in readable German. It was very hard to find an artist in Bohemia who was willing to paint this coat of arms. As this contains many details, several artists refused to accept this work. But this is the result. It was painted in 3 layers, after each layer the color was burned on, so this is not a paper application. This means, it is very durable, as well as being a nice optical picture. Here on this picture the details are a bit clearer!
I have been asked. if this glass is available. There is only a limited supply but I would be prepared to sell these glasses for 30.-- Euro each. Please keep in mind the transport costs, it would probably be better to join up with other interested persons.


I also have a limited amount of smaller candle lamps, hand painted with the castle Seeberg. They have a very pretty glow with a tea-light inside. These I can provide for the amount of 8 Euro each.