The Party

For a good celebration, good food is inevitable. This time we endeavored to choose a typical Bohemian menue, and we did not regret this choice. Everybody was delighted with the careful preparation of the food, - which we did in fact experience in all parts of the Czech Republic. It is enough to read the menue in order to whet your appetite:


It was very cosy between the old walls of the castle, and everything tasted even better. Good Czech beer, and the wine was also delicious, not to mention all the little extras, such as Becherovka and Koskenkorva - a wodka with peach.


Directions for our son Claus.....


Heike tried to make herself a bit prettyer, while everybody else laughed themselves silly.




And then we danced. Anne was quite dizzy as Johannes twisted her through the room.


Heike and Arno took it just as serious as Jitka and Claus.


After everybody had danced off their dinner, things became a little slower. First, Blazena and Alena ( from left ) and then Eva and Jitka sang Czech folk-songs. You can tell by their faces that they really meant it! What you cannot see, the audience liked it too!

And the sign in the background reads: Búh s námi - May God reward you.

For us it was clear, that this was a wonderful place for a party.