Birthday Party

Actually, I meant to celebrate my 60th birthday here, even though I have to admit, that my actual family tree is not concerned, ibecause it has it´s origin in Tyrol. But the weather in this area is not very inviting in November, so it was better to celebrate at home. So I waited for the next opportunity - and here it was. Not only the birthday of my wife, but also the chance to use this trip for researches ( more details on the page Bohemian families )
So we met up with 17 relatives and friends two days before the birthday in Ostroh, formerly Seeberg and - naturally - stayed at the new Hotel Seeberg, which had just been completed directly opposite the old pension. We had to put us with a few beginners problems, but that didn´t spoil our good mood. The guests arrived from all directions, from Berlin and Bonn /Germany, from Klagenfurt /Austria and from the most western part of the Czech Republic. This place was quite central, so everybody had a journey, but nobody had to travel too far. As lodging and food is here a little inexpensive, we invested a little more money in order to investigate the wonderful area, which is not only picturesc, but also historically and culturally very interesting. The town of Cheb ( formerly Eger ) has always been a very German town, although the area of Eger was leant out to the Bohemian Crown as far back as 1322.
We chartered a bus and a tourguide and travelled one whole day through the socalled Spa-triangle: Karlovy Vary - Loket - Mariánske Lázne - Frantizkovy Lázne ( Karlsbad - Elnbogen - Marienbad - Franzesbad ). The weather played along and presented us an especially hot day, so we were all very tired in the evening, and glad to get into our beds.
The next day, soon after breakfast and the obligative birthday roses, we left for Cheb, where we were again expected and led through the town for almoust three hours. The marketplace, the Nicolay Church, in which the first Seeberger were married even before 1600 ( probably 1500 ), the town museum in the house where Wallenstein was murdered, and of course the old Kaiser castle. We had no time for lunch - it wasn´t planned either - but later we had coffee and cake. During a small slides-show I showed a few pictures out of my wive´s life, which brought back some former memories.
No time for a rest - at 4 pm we met in front of the castle Seeberg, which was luckily only 100 yards away, where we were informed about the history of the building. After that we just had time to change, as at 7pm the big party started in the restaurant of the castle. The food was excellent, a former music-teacher from Frantizkovy Lázne played on a harmonium, and some of the guests had perepared a few games. By the time we found our way to bed some time after midnight, it was plain to everyone of us that this birthday would not be soon forgotten.
Actually, it was not quite easy to plan this party in this part of the world. The wounds and prejodices of the last war are still too present. For this reason, three invited persons did not turn up. This we have to accept. We were a mixed groop, as four of our guests were Chechs. It was a good feeling of being united and the difference was hardly felt. One of the photos was quite unusual. Our music-maker played some Czech country music and suddenly Blazena and Alena, joined by the twoo daughters gathered around him and wholeheartedly sang the music. That was a great moment, through the music it is easy to recognise the mentalities of the different human beeings. And what happened than? We suddenly all knew the song Rosamunde, and some of us sang in German, and some in Czech. That was our joint history, which we were strongly aware of, whith all it´s paradoxes. Everybody in the room felt the importance of this celebration and even the host remarked on the fact, that he had not before experienced such a harmonious celebration between Czech and German people. It´s difficult to explain, one has to make personal experiences. In any case, this gag for the planned party at this castle developed into something much more, something which will not be soon forgotten.
On this page and somme following I am sending a few pictures, on order to give you a short impression.


The whole birthday party is standing in the courtyard of the castle under the Seeberge coat of arms. In the middle Anne - the celebrated person, besides her on her left her almost 93 years old father, my sister Heike and me.


The main entrance to the actual castle with the bridge over the trench.

Hrad Seeberg 1998 Porzellan

The old buildings at the entrance, with the restaurant of the castle.


The castle has not only been wonderfully restored, but also made into a museum. Next to antic furnitute, one can also admire special products from the china manufactures of Bohemia.

The old kitchen with a beautifully set table. I was especially delighted with the glasses of the old times - at my house we can even drink out of them!


The new hotel was completed this year and is comfortable enough to satisfy even higher demands.

The old pension, with restaurant, is by now a very popular place and reservations have to be made well in advance.


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