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Today is the 10th of May 2001 and Im sitting in my hotel on the isle of Crete. From 1974 on I always visit the two War Cemeteries, the German one in Maleme and the Allied one in Souda Bay. Both are very well cared for and for my wife and me always a place of piece and quiet. If we walk up the hill in Maleme we see a large field  with millions of wonderful red blooming flowers. If there wouldnt be thousands of stone plates with the names of more than 4000 fallen soldiers who whitness the drama of the battle of Crete 1941. The wonderful view across the bay to the monastery Gonia cannot cover the sadness if one thinks of more of 3000 soldiers, all in the age about 20 who died in the first two days on the 20./21. May 1941, almost 60 years ago. Mainly Greeks, Australiens, New Zealanders, British, Indian and German soldiers were killed here.
And the Allied War Cemetary with nearly 2000 graves is situated beautifully directly at the Souda Bay.
But what has this to do on a private website which deals with families. Why do I mention all this?
Well, at my visit at Maleme today I found a little computer in the office whith the names of all fallen German soldiers from both world wars, as far as they are known. Naturally I looked for the name Seeberger and found a lot of names. That brought up the idea to establish a personal site. I have often heared about Seeberger who fought as soldier on either side in the last war. As one who was soldier for 33 years and had the unbelievable luck not to be forced to fight in any war, I had to think about all the family members who fought against one another without beeing aware of it. What would have been theire thoughts if they would have known? We often talk about heroes who survived the war and achieved great deeds. Were they not only the lucky ones? What an insanity, because every side thought that they were right and if there were any doubts they were not able to articulate them. On many German cemetaries I found commemorative plaques with the name Seeberger on them. From some of them not even the place is known, where theire remains are buried! Therefore I dedicate this page to these, because

                   nobody of them should be forgotten!
Everyone who is able to complete these datas is requested to contact me. Please help me to get a picture of these fallen soldiers by asking the members of your family. I want to put theire fotos on these pages as well. And if you have the chance to visit the areas where they are buried please consider to put some flowers on theire graves and make a picture.

    Seeberger / Seberger