FOR A LONG TIME I have been planning to thank all those people who helped me during the last years and who are greatly involves in the present state of investigations. As I cannot thank everyone individually, I have decided to at least name four assistants, whose work definitely exceeded the normal scale.

During the course of my researcher contacts I met Hermann Duemig about 1992, who lives in Bamberg. He investigated the Seeberger in the area of the Steigerwald, as he is related to them in the female line. From him I received the first hint to the origin of the clan from Grossenseebach and before that from the Fichtelgebirge and further back to Eger / Bohemia. That made me curious and so I started the systematic investigations to these families. He never tired to help me and he continuously gave me new tips and seperate findings. Through him, this work was definitely made easier.

About 1991 I came to know Dr. med. Hans-Juergen Seeberger from Berlin, when he replied to a circular letter from me. Since then he continuously tried to help me. Also from him came the idea, that I should start a family archive. He originates from the Bohemian line, which spread over Grossklenau, near Tirschenreuth, up to Hof. This is the traditionally protestant line, from which several priests originated, from which especially Harald Seeberger from Wuerzburg is helping me very intensively. Hans-Juergen let me have access to the research results of his uncle Georg, who tried to investigate this familytree at the end of the last century. He also let me have other family souvenirs, like photoalbums and letters. In this way I became many hints to archives and other sources of discoveries for my own researches.
I envy him for the family traditions which are intensively maintained in his family over centuries. 

It all started with the architect Ing. Hans Thoeni from Ludesch in Vorarlberg/Austria. It is a long story, which I can only scetch in a short manner.
About 1989 I discovered that my ancestors probably lived in St. Anton (former St. Jacob) in Tyrol / Austria. In this connection I also hered about Hans Thoeni. So I decided to spend a fortnights holiday there with my wife. On the second day I looked in at the parish hall and asked for the parish archive. I was met with a little surprise and I had to explain that I wanted to investigate the Seebergers. At that, the secretary called into the adjoining room: Hans, would you come here please. Hans Thoeni, who met the Mayor just on that very day looked at me a little suspiciously and let me know, that he had a lot of documents about Seeberger, but that he was not willing to let me look at them so easily.
As yet he had not introduced himself and he was very surprised when I told him that I knew his name and who he was. This experiment was certainly a success!
Two days later he invited us to this home in Ludesch and after two hours I left his house with about 380 pages about Seeberger families so that I could copy this material.
Since that time we have met several times and his help is very valuable. Actually, his enthusiasm and his knowledge of 20 years research in St. Jacob led me to the wish to seriously start my own researches. Who knows what would have happened if I had not met him just on that day!

Paul Davis from Palm Springs in California - in body and soul!
As can be seen, he relates to the Lauermann clan, and he so also had contacts and investigations with Germany.
 I cannot quite remember how I became into contact with him. He wrote me over email that he had researched a Seberger family in the USA and that he had written down this family history. This family came from the Saar region in Germany and before that - as I could discover - from St. Jacob / Tyrol. It really intrigued me how Paul copied over 400 pages completely without own interests, which he sent me without expecting any payment whatsoever. These are true researchers, which cannot be found everywhere.
A few moths ago he came to Germany with friends and we were able to spend a few (unfortunately not more) hours with him.
A remarkable person!