On this page I will describe in an informal manner, which activities are actual and which results and problems occurred.

New since last update:

Originally I had planned to close the gap between the Seeberger from Lachen (close to Memmingen/Bavaria) to the Seeberger in Maria Steinbach. But I was not successful in Augsburg because not all church records of the diocese are archived there. Now I again have to contact several vicarages directly. But I found more than 100 new births in Hawangen. That is at least a small progress.
For further informations please read for more under Austria and Palatines.


–I am still waiting for some answers which will enable me to complete the big families.
–research in the U.S. concerning emigrants from Birr/Lupfig. In this content I am trying to trace
 two Heinrichs. The one, born 1827 emigrated to America. I could decipher the town as
 Kankakee / IL. And who did I find in the 1860 census: Henry Seibergen from Switzerland, 32
 years old, with his wife Barbara and three children. This must be him! In the meantime I am
 trying to get the marriage record, because in the index he is mentioned as Henry Seeberger
 married to Barbara Ulrich from Prussia.
–The other Heinrich emigrated to Texas. But there is a big problem. The names of his wife and
 two of his children differ. What happened?
–research in Australia concerning emigrations from Malters / Luzern.


-At the moment I am trying to trace the emigrants to Alsace Lorraine and further to the USA.
-The connection between the French family which emigrated from Bavaria to the family from
 Tyrol is being investigated.
As I already wrote, during my last visit in Augsburg in January 2000 I couldnt solve this.
I evaluated the datas about the Seebergers in the area of Zams / Tyrol. This was a bit time intensive because I had to check the church records of Zams, Saurs, Grins, Schoenwies and Landeck. The reason for this was, that the parishes changed sometimes from 1500 to 1800 between the villages.

3.The Bohemian Seeberger:

- the combination of all mosaic pieces in the so-called Stiftsland in Franconia in the area of
 Waldsassen – Tirschenreuth. This is terrific work which will need some more months to be
 finished. How difficult this is I will demonstrate on the eldest document:
TESTAM4From the town archive of Eger (Cheb) a deed dated 1 October 1475. It starts with the words: Ich (I) Ulrich Seberg... and is a last will which was written by the mayor of Eger.TESTAM2
Only by comparison of similar documents from this timeframe I was able to read anything in this document. Not everything but some important things like the following words which reads: Hauß hint der schul In todays German it TESTAM3would read: Haus hi nt e r d er Schule what means: the house behind the school building. This address is important in some documents till 1600, so that I can conclude that the same family is meant where Matthes was the eldest known ancestor in Gross-Klenau! Now I can trace his way back over Poppenreuth and Maehrig back to Eger and three more gene- rations back to Ulrich!
–I am also trying to find more about a family from Pscheheischen in Bohemia which emigrated to
 the USA.
–Evaluation of the assets from Carl Seeberger in Darmstadt. I am also trying to find out more
 about his life and his work as an artist (painter) and musician.
–The activities concerning the Banat families have stopped for a while, because the only one
 researcher who might have more informations is not at home, possibly on a longer research
 tour to Romania. So, I have to wait till spring.

4.East Prussia:

-New find. From some letters Carl Seeberger wrote I heard about a Herbert Seeberger who
 lived in Paris / France in 1964. Obviously he was born in Bischofsburg /East Prussia about
 1940. I checked the protestant church records and found another family but not Herbert. I also
 couldnt find him in France. Maybe that he is catholic and there are no church records anymore.
 Civil registers might be available but very expensive, so I have to wait until the next coincident.

5.West Prussia:

-One single find in Danzig, emigrated to the USA. But there were so many churches and
 communities in Danzig, that the research is very time intensive.


-From one single find in Hameln many mosaic pieces were put together, which concentrate on
 the area south of Hannover with villages like Dassel, Eimsen, Alfeld etc. I have checked some
 church records, but partially there are only fragments available which dont fit completely. One
 family emigrated to the USA and is traced there.
 The only living Seeberger in Alfeld comes from East Prussia. Bad luck.


-At the Mormons I found a hint on Billigheim, where a Catharina married 1793. This village is
 close to Bad Bergzabern. From the microfilms I found out that a Jacob, son of Georg in
 Bobstadt came into this area. He had some daughters, so that this branch ended here. Both,
 Jacob and Georg were already in my data bank.
–In the Seeberger genealogy forum the question came up for a catholic family from
 Reipoltskirchen which emigrated to the USA. Presently I am still waiting for the microfilms to
 check, whether there is a connection to the Seeberger from the Palatines (originally from Tyrol)
 or not.
This has been confirmed in the meantime. I received the first microfilm with marriages and deaths. But no register, so I had to read it from the beginning to the end. But I found three generations and the hint that the oldest Seeberger came from the village of Imsbach at about 1720.
Therefore I called Karl Seeberger from Winnweiler (only a few miles away from Imsbach) and he had evaluated this family in the meantime. He could verify that a Martin (born about 1700) came from the area of Zams/Tyrol. Therefore I had to evaluate my research results from last years visit to the State Archive of Innsbruck. And I found the connection back to 1600.
Alice E Wolf Simpson will be happy how fast a request at the right place sometimes can be successful.


-I am just trying to find out more about the inventor of the escalator Charles Seeberger. I
 found his birthplace Oskaloosa / IO and his death place. I also found his parents. In his life he
 moved about a lot. This research is quite exciting.
 One year ago I wrote to OTIS-company New York. One week later I got a phonecall from
 OTIS in Berlin / Germany. The lady had received my request, but couldnt help me and gave
 me an email address from the OTIS-archive in the USA. But this address was wrong!
 In November I tried again the first address at OTIS and was successful! Michele Aldrich from
 the OTIS-Archive replied and pointed out an article in a German newspaper named Kultur
 und Technik about escalators. But this one didnt exist anymore. So I called a friend at the
 Community of German Publishers and she told me about another company in Wiesbaden
 where the people were very helpful. They checked their archive and found out that the former
 publisher was the Deutsches Museum (German Museum) in Munich. Last week I got a copy
 of this article. They claim, That Charles Seeberger wasnt the real inventor of the escalator. He
 was an inventor too, but purchased the patent from Georg A Wheeler. The first type of
 escalator was invented by Nathan Ames in 1859. This type was far ahead of the time and has
 never been realized. Jesse W. Reno invented another type of escalator 1892. Five months after
 Renos invention Georg A Wheeler got a patent for a type with movable stairs. He sold this
 patent to Charles Seeberger who failed with his own construction of movable stairs. Bu he
 brought the patent to OTIS where he was associated till 1915.
 But Michele was very diligent! One week later she wrote me about a visit in an New York
 archive, where she found on obituary of Charles 1931. There I got the informations about town
 of birth (Oskaloosa/IO), siblings and children. I could find his brother Louis A. in my records
 about the 1900 census in Chicago, with wife and daughter. Two weeks later Michele reported
 from a visit to a Washington/DC archive. There she found more about his parents and children
 and the exact date of birth. The problem is that here other children are mentioned than in the
 obituary. Did he marry twice? One problem solved and two more exist. Thats life in genealogy. 
 Now I have ordered the films about his birth records and the next census of this area.
 And I found his father Anthony in the 1900 census of Chicago too, with wife and daughter.
 Here the date of birth is stated and the origin is Germany. What a pity that I couldnt find him in
 my datas!
 I also dug out two documents about a case at the Supreme Court which a Anthony F.
 Seeberger from Chicago had in 1894. I guess that this is the father of Charles, even if in the
 census he was mentioned as Anthony C. and not Anthony F. But there was only one in 1900.
 I write this, so that everyone can see, how long it takes to be successful in a simple looking
 case. But it is possible to be successful if you dont give up!
–It was mentioned in the Genealogy forum, that a Gottlieb was born 1887 in Paterson /NY. I
 found a Gottlieb with three siblings and a possible father in this time. Funny is, that I only found
 the data about their confirmations but not about their birth. We could check up that the first
 name in the different documents is sometimes Gottfried and also Gottlieb. Okay, he is definitely
 the same. This family might have come from Schleswig-Holstein /Germany, where till today I
 havent found any Seeberger.
–Chicago is quite interesting for looking for Seebergers. In the 1900 census I found at least 30
 families in all variations of the name Seeberger. Sometime I have to look after this region but at
 the moment I put this on a waiting list.

9.Internet activities:

From time to time I write to different Seeberger, whose email-address I found in the Internet. The reactions are normally satisfactory, even, if sometimes someone doesnt answer. I had one frustrating case two years ago in a hotel in Hawaii where I heard from a Seeberger family from USA who lived there in the same week. I remembered the clan they belonged to and so I wrote a message and asked for an appointment for the next days. He never answered, even when I wrote him an email (by mistake) later. O.K. politeness is not everyones strength. I have to respect if anyone has no interest and dont try to bother him but this reaction is not the one I expect. And its a bit embarrassing if someone answers with big enthusiasm and I remember that I wrote to his son or brother years ago without any reaction. Sorry that the time was wasted.
But I am very happy that the positive cases are the most common. Presently I have more than 70 contacts just with email. Therefore I request your comprehension that I cannot answer immediately in all cases. Sometimes – this hobby – is real hard work.

10. Others:

A whole bunch of results from different researches have to be put into my computer and evaluated. In particularly:
-the area of Franconia (Bamberg – Hoechstadt/Aisch – Erlangen). From this area I have data
 from different parishes which I have to combine.
-the so-called Stiftsland as mentioned above
-a lot of single finds from the USA.

11. Planned activities:

-work off the different results,
-research in the Argovie/Switzerland to close open questions in the Birr/Lupfig area. Especially
 research in Brugg and Windisch (planned in May).
–research in Pilsen and Cheb in the Czech Republic to cover the church books which sometimes
 go back to 1560 of Eger, Plana and Pscheheischen (planned in May/June).
–research in the Hannover area to complete these families (planned in September)

We will se, what I can manage!