New results

February 6th 2000:

Yes, this was a successful and turbulent week. I could hardly do all the things I normally have to do at home, besides Genealogy. What´s new:

- It appeared that the emmigrants from Reipoltskirchen in the Palatines had to do something with the Seeberger still living in this area. Today I can say that this has been proved and I could close the line back to 1600.

- the Seeberger in Lorraine were the reason for several requests. The evaluation in this case was extremely difficult, as the only available microfilm covers 40 years only, incomplete and in very poor quality. First the confusion got bigger and bigger. I didn´t find only one Christian, I found four Christians starting at 1682 with 12 children in total. But no datas about any of the four marriages, only one death record. But now it seems definite, that it was always the same Christian, who married four times. Two wives died in childbed. Amazing for me is, that he married always not later than 12 months since the death of his former wife. He must have been a very attractive man! But, where did he come from?
Well, this first name existed in these times only in St. Jacob /Tyrol. I found three candidates and after clarification with Hans Thoeni in Ludesch/Austria only one was left.
So, the line from St. Jacob over Lutzelbourg in Lorraine to the USA could be verified.

- Since about 6 months I tried to solve another problem, which was brought up by Robert Grady. He searched for a Gottlieb Seeberger from Schleswig Holstein /Germany. That made a few problems, because in that area I never heared about any Seeberger. They were supposed to have lived in Patterson, which I found out as Paterson /NY. I found a microfilm of one church and found the confirmations of a Gottfried and two sisters. No hint of any birth, name of the parents or their marriage. Only one Jacob in the Register of Elders. Was this the father?
So I checked a second film of a later time period, but nothing except a hint of Brooklyn /NY as a former place of living, because the church changed organisationally to Paterson.
In the meantime Robert checked his papers again and found out, that his first name was Gottfried as well as Gottlieb.
Two days ago he found his year of death, age and the hint to Baden as origin. And here I found the whole family, his father Johann Jacob and all the children, born in Boxberg as descendents of Gallus!
Now we try to find his descendents in the USA and the number of 354 Seeberger in this family will increase a bit!