Seberger Families

 Seberger Families in the USA:

The relationship of the following Seberger to the existing families is not verified. Please help!
If you know one of them, please contact me. Many thanks.

   A.      Seberger   Lansing /IL
  Donald P   Seberger   Lake Forest /IL
  Michael   Seberger   Galena /IL
  Leo     Seberger   * 1917 + 1998 Lansing /IL
  Frank    Seberger   marr 1877 Gertrude Wilson Cook County /IL
  Clara    Seberger   marr 1887 John W Glass Cook County /IL
  Frank    Seberger   * 1855 lived 1900 in Chicago with:
                   Ricka (Erika?) * 1863 Germany
                   Walter     * 1882 Illinois
  Grover    Seberger   * 1882 in New York lived 1900 in Minard /IL
  Julia    Seberger   * 1896 MA lived 1900 in Petersburg /IL

  A M     Seberger   Apple Valley /CA
  Robert J   Seberger   Apple Valley /CA
  Robert    Seberger   * 1936 + 1995 CA
  Sidney    Seberger   * 1961 + 1981 CA
  D      Seberger   Oakland /CA
  Donna    Seberger   Long Beach /CA
  Frank    Seberger   Bakersfield /CA any descendants known?
  Joe     Seberger   Bakersfield /CA
  Marceline  Seberger   Bakersfield /CA
  Joseph    Seberger   * 1905 + 1982 Bakersfield /CA
  Herald    Seberger   lived in Bakersfield till 1999
  L      Seberger   Santa Clarita /CA
  O.P.     Seberger   Los Angeles /CA
  O.P.     Seberger   Shingletown /CA
  Frances          * 1913 + 1999 La Fayette /CA
  Harry           * 1913 + 1996 La Fayette /CA

  B      Seberger   Channelview /TX
  Michelle   Seberger   Channelview /TX
  B      Seberger   Houston /TX
  Charles A  Seberger   Houston /TX
  Dennis    Seberger   Houston /TX
  Charles   Seberger   Spring /TX
  Brenda    Seberger   La Grange /TX
  Steve    Seberger   La Grange /TX
  Mary L    Seberger   Austin /TX
  Corey    Seberger   Lowell /IN
  Jack R    Seberger   Lowell /IN
  Joseph    Seberger   Lowell /IN
  Edward    Seberger   Highland /IN
  Lawrence E  Seberger   Highland /IN
  Herbert C  Seberger   Merillville /IN
  John     Seberger   Crown Point /IN
  Joseph L   Seberger   Crown Point /IN
  Marie    Seberger   Schererville /IN
  Ray     Seberger   Culver /IN
  Ray     Seberger   Dyer /IN
  Ray E    Seberger   Munster /IN
  Beatrice         * 1926 + 1975 Indiana?
  J             * 1910 + 1991 Chesterton /IN
  Ray     Seberger   * 1930 + 1987 Hammond /IN
  George    Seberger   * 1882 Indiana lived 1900 in Chicago.
               Probably identical with George * 1883 in

  Evelyn    Seberger   Columbus /NE
  Jerry    Seberger   Grand Island /NE
  Peter J   Seberger   Omaha /NE
  Anna           * 1902 + 1982 Basset Rock /NE 
  Brenda          * 1979 + 1996 Freemont /NE
  Donald          * 1931 + 1999 NE any descendants known?
  R      Seberger   * 1944 + 1989 NE

  James J   Seberger   Grand Forks AFB /ND
  Toni     Seberger   Grand Forks AFB /ND
  Mark     Seberger   Broomfield /CO
  Mark A    Seberger   Westminster /CO

  Evelyn          * 1915 + 1996 Jacksonville /FL

  Debbie          * 1963 + 1997 Iowa

  John     Seberger   marr 1880 in Berrien /MN Ella Mary Cole
                           * 1838 Germany 
                           +1871 Riga /MN